First Class: Indian Home Snacks

होम स्टाइल इंडियन स्नाक्क्स
Join Auntie Jharna and Chef Roger in Jharna's Kitchen for their first cooking class.

Saturday July 25th 5pm-7pm.

The class will feature local and seasonal ingredients. Everything will be made by hand and from scratch. Jharna's Kitchen is located in a private San Francisco neighborhood home. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to cook with two wonderful chefs in a unique setting at a promotional bargain price of forty dollars.

There has been a lot of interest in vegetarian dishes for this class, so Auntie Jharna and Roger have decided to add another dish.

Bengali Eggplant Curry

There is limited space available for the special premier opening class.
Purchase tickets here.

Auntie Jharna is an accomplished restaurateur and home cook with a lifetime of experience.

Roger Feely is a Bay Area chef with experience in many local restaurants. Cooking professionally for 15 years, Roger has trained in Spain, India, and across the US from his hometown Chicago to the Carolina Low Country to San Francisco. Roger has been teaching cooking classes in the Bay Are for the past 5 years.

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